UWB Radar - Vital Signal Measurement

We are developing UWB radar application for respiration and heartbeat signal measurement (vital signal). The vital signal could be remotely measured in a distance of few meters. It could be used for monitoring patients in hospital, smart car, smart home or others.

Related researches:

Minhhuy Le*, "Heartbeat extraction based on high order derivative for ultra-wideband impulse radar", Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2020), In press. Minhhuy Le*, "Heart Rate Extraction based on Eigenvalues using UWB Impulse Radar Remote Sensing" Sensor and Actuators A: Physical 303 (2019) 111689.Minhhuy Le*, Binh Van Nguyen, "Multivariate Correlation of Higher Harmonics for Heart Rate Remote Measurement using UWB Impulse Radar" IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (2019) 1859-1866.

Deep Neural Network for Simulation Of Magnetic Field

We proposed a Deep Neural Network (DNN) for simulation of magnetic field. The DNN provides an easy way of simulation by feeding only the distribution of supplied current and the physical properties such as magnetic permeability without the need of the meshing process